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Link The Boss’s Only Daughter

Book Details: Melody a 25-year-old, culinary school student. Meets 33-year-old a Scottish pro-wrestler at a local bank with her adoptive father. The day after her adoptive mother passed away. They locked eyes, it was simply love at first sight. Melody has been trying to find him since that fateful day 3 years ago. She runs into him again at a sports event. She finds out he’s married to someone else. They keep a relationship until he can’t take it anymore. When they suddenly have secret they have been hiding from his wife.

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Wattpad: Ohio Is For Lovers

Hello everyone, I started a new post. I hope you enjoy it.

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Time A Poem

Time is fast pace & always going.

Sometimes you miss the child times before growing up.

Parents miss the time they have left before their children grow in the blink of an eye.

Time is precious because best moments can fade with age.

Live every moment to the fullest!

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Quote Of The Day! 11/25/17



I Apologize to everyone I’ve caused pain & drama with.

My actions & choices was unforgivable to do.

I am trying to grow as a human being.

I want to change for the better for my life.

I’m not perfect people make mistakes.

I just wanna say I am sorry.




Life A Poem

Life is too short for people to hold back on dreams.

Break barriers, be an outcast, live life to the fullest.

Follow your dreams, And be the person you want to be.

Help others in need, adopted an animal, explore nature.

Live life the way you want to live it, don’t let others hold you down.